Kentucky State Society
Children of the American Revolution

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2016 National Convention

1st Vice-President, Submitting Most Photos - Limestone, 1st

Organizing Secretary, Best Program - Limestone, 3rd

Assistant Organizing Secretary, Best Program - George Rogers Clark, 2nd 

Assistant Registrar, Best Program - Limestone, 3rd

Historian, Best Program - Limestone, 2nd

Curator, Best Program - Limestone, 3rd

Veterans, Best Program on Merchant Marines - McConnell Springs, 2nd 

National Merit Award:

  •    Limestone, Gold
  •    George Rogers Clark, Honorable Mention
  •    Jack Jouett, Honorable Mention
  •    Martin's Fort, Honorable Mention
State President's Award - Sandra Humphries, Gold
2015 National Convention

   Asst. Registrar – Long Hunters, 3rd
   Curator – Jack Jouett, 3rd
   American Heritage, Best Program – Long Hunters, 2nd
   Membership, Outreach to Gen. Groups – Limestone, 1st
   Patriotic Education, Best Program – Long Hunters, 3rd
   Veterans, WWI Program – Long Hunters, 1st
   National Merit Award 
  •       Jack Jouett, Gold
  •       Limestone, Red
  •       George Rogers Clark, Honorable Mention
  •       Martin’s Fort, Honorable Mention
   State President’s Award – Jordan Hall, Gold

2014 National Convention

National Merit Award - Jack Jouett Society, Blue level
National Merit Award - Limestone Society, Blue level
National Merit Award - George Rogers Clark Society, Honorable Mention
National Merit Award - Martin's Fort Society, Honorable Mention
National Assistant Registrar, Best Program on Life Membership, 1st - Limestone Society
American Heritage, Best Program, 3rd - George Rogers Clark Society
American Indian, Best Program, Honorable Mention - Jack Jouett Society
Archives, Best Overall Program, 2nd - Long Hunters Society

2013 National Convention

State President's Merit Award, Gold Level - Mitchell Clouse
National Merit Award:
  •    Limestone Society - Gold & 2nd Most Outstanding Society in the Nation
  •    Long Hunters Society - Gold
  •    George Rogers Clark Society - Honorable Mention
  •    Jemima Boone Calloway Society - Honorable Mention
  •    Martin's Fort Society - Honorable Mention
National First Vice-President program, 1st - Long Hunters Society
National Recording Secretary Best Minutes, 3rd - Limestone Society
National Corresponding Secretary program, 1st - Long Hunters Society
American Heritage program, 1st - Long Hunters Society
C.A.R./DAR/SAR/SR Relations Best Poster, 1st - Limestone Society
C.A.R. Magazine Editor, Most Submissions for Society 25 or less, 1st - Long Hunters Society
Conservation program, 2nd - Long Hunters Society
Conservation program, 3rd - Limestone Society
Patriotic Education program, 3rd - Long Hunters Society
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of American Revolution program, 3rd - Long Hunters Society